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2019 Batizado & Encounter December 5-8

The batizado is a celebration of initiation for new students.  It is when they play capoeira with a teacher to receive their first cordão(cord/belt).  The batizado is a tradition that began with Mestre Bimba as a way to recognize a new student's understanding of basic movements and as a welcoming to the greater Capoeira community. Today it has come to include the Troca de Cordões(changing of belts) when older students receive their next cordões.  We invite special guest teachers to give workshops, our capoeira friends come out to celebrate with us, we have rodas and play music, and ultimately we make our capoeira community stronger. Join us from December 5-8 as we celebrate our art once again.  For up to date information about the event, visit the Facebook Event page at or contact us at


Host Pricing:

Receiving Cordões/Host School

$195 - Full Price after Nov 1st

Calouro/Teen Pricing:

Receiving 1st Cordão(belt) or

participating Teens

$130 - Full Event

$65 - Cordão Ceremony Only

Youth Pricing:

$75 - Full Event

$50 - Batizado ONLY

Visitor Pricing:

Full Event


(Less than 100 miles away)

$155 - Full Price after Nov 1st

Out of Town: 

(More than 100 miles away)

$125 - Full Price after Nov 1st

Visitor Pricing:

A la Carte

$50 - Thursday Pass

$85 - Friday Day Pass

$95 - Saturday Day Pass

$20 - Roda Drop In

$30 - Single Workshop

$30 - Batizado ONLY(Visitors)

Teacher Pricing:
Full Event

Formados, Professores, & Contramestres:(Graduated Students)

  • $60

Registration/Check-in times:








Liability Waiver
**Must be read and agreed to for participation

I wish to participate in the 2019 UCA Berkeley Batizado & Encounter promoted by the CAF(Capoeira Arts Foundation). I understand that instruction in martial arts and related activities such as CAPOEIRA involve strenuous exercise and personal body contact. As a condition to participate in this event, I assume that there is a possibility/risk of injury, and I agree to hold the school, its employees, and agents harmless from any and all liability (including attorney's fees and costs) for all claims, action or damages due to injuries suffered by me or caused to someone else by me, arising out of capoeira and related activities, whether occurring at UCA Berkeley or other facilities to be used. This Waiver and Assumption of Risk does not apply to claims, actions or damages caused by the gross negligence or intentional act or omission of the UCA or CAF. I agree that my image may be captured, whether on film, video, or by photograph, during the course of the event. Further, I agree NOT to film or record any portion of the event for uses other than for my family's personal archive.

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